When You Can't Just Get Over It

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  • When You Can't Just Get Over It
When You Can't Just Get Over It When You Can't Just Get Over It

When You Can't Just Get Over It

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When You Can't Just Get Over It
Biblical Insights for the Real World
By R.B. Ouellette 

God has given you one life and filled it with resources—time, health, finances, relationships, influence, and more. How you steward these resources will determine whether you successfully fulfill God’s eternal purpose for your life.
This book will take you on a personal stewardship journey, equipping you to live effectively and biblically. It will challenge and equip you to strategically invest your most valuable resources for God's eternal purposes.

The real world isn’t as idealistic as we expect. Although we would love to coast through life with little difficulty and minimal challenges, we often find ourselves facing barriers greater than our inner resources to scale. 

Injustice, insecurity, discouragement, bitterness, depression, severed relationships, rejection, confusion—they come at us from without and within. And no matter how many times we tell ourselves, “Just snap out of it” or our friends ask, “Why can’t you just get over it?” real world problems don’t evaporate. In the pages of Scripture, however, we discover that we are not alone. Throughout God’s Word, we encounter men and women who faced—and overcame—these very challenges. 

Previously published as Living in an Imperfect Worldthis fully revised and updated edition will encourage your heart as Pastor R.B. Ouellette leads readers through the lives of ten Bible characters and draws insights that will help you overcome the same difficulties they faced. Better yet, you’ll learn not how to “just get over it,” but how to clear the hurdle and be better on the other side because you encountered it. 

(226 pages, hardback)

ISBN: 978-1-59894-345-0