Things That Aren't So

Things That Aren't So


$ 9.95

by Dr. R. B. Ouellette

ISBN: 978-0873988889

Paperback, 120 pgs

It is a tendency of human nature for people to repeat stories they hear without checking out the facts. Because of this, false information can spread quickly. Rumors can cause personal damage, but when a matter deals with the teachings of Scripture, the work of Christ can be  harmed. Very often such things begin with well respected speakers or teachers. Because of their reputations, things they say are taken at face value instead of being verified by the listeners. Their words may be repeated by so many, so often in so many places that their unsubstantiated views are   simply accepted over a period of time. Remember, however, that the one total reliable source for authenticating debatable issues has always been the Bible. In "Things That Aren't So," Dr. R. B. Ouellette deals with matters that can affect your family life and your personal walk with the Lord, and also matters that have to do with the way a church conducts its ministry. In each chapter, he goes to the Scriptures and takes a look at several things that are common teachings today. When he finds a contradictory truth  he explains the consequences taught, because what we  believe will have a profound impact on all areas of our lives.  Through it all, Dr. Ouellette gives us a fresh look at exactly what God said in the Bible. You may discover that some things you have always heard aren't really so after all.

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