The Search For Everyman

The Search For Everyman

Ed Dunlop Ministries

$ 9.99

by Ed Dunlop

ISBN: 9780978552329

The third book in the Terrestria Chronicles.
The earth trembled and convulsed as the three travelers scrambled back under their toadstool. A huge boot suddenly crashed down through the branches at the edge of the clearing. Black and shiny with a huge silver buckle, the boot was more than twelve feet tall! The boot swept upwards and disappeared from sight. Josiah leaned forward and peered from beneath to toadstool. Through a gap in the trees he saw a fearsome sight- a colossal, familiar face framed with red hair and a curly red beard. "It's th-the Giant of F-Fear!" he stammered. "But n-now he's ninety feet t-tall!"

Paperback, 159 pages

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