The Pulling Down Of Strongholds

The Pulling Down Of Strongholds


$ 19.95 USD

by R.B. Ouellette

ISBN: 9780873986779

In warfare, when your enemy has established a stronghold, your chances for success are greatly diminished. Forces must be concentrated to remove the stronghold before significant advancement can be expected. So it is in the Christian life. Accomplishing all that God wants for you will be diminished to the proportion that the Devil has set up strongholds in your mind. Dr. R. B. Ouellette defines what the Bible means when it speaks of a stronghold. Strongholds he indentifies are: Being Unteachable Being Unforgiving Being Unhappy Being Unbelieving Being Unclean His detailed studies will enable you to determine whether or not such satanic strongholds exist in you and give you guidance on how to destroy them so that you may bear much fruit in your Christian life.

Hardcover, 158 pages

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