The Preaching Rally

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  • The Preaching Rally

The Preaching Rally

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One youth pastor's take on how to plan and run a one-day youth conference.

by Ryan Rench

Every year, our church hosts a few hundred young people for the Preaching Rally. This book is how we do it.

IF YOU HAVE FOUND yourself in charge of a big event, you have a lot of work to do. You have to first THINK about what to do, and then you have to DO it. Let this book help you.  

The PREACHING RALLY lays out the nuts and bolts of how we plan and run our one-day youth conference, and gives reasons behind each step. You will find detailed spreadsheets, our exact timeline of mailings, church meetings and more.

Most of the frustrations of poorly-run events can be fixed with planning–thinking about the details and doing them. The PREACHING RALLY is years’ worth of experience on paper.

I hope it helps to you.

270 pages