The Language Of The King James Bible

The Language Of The King James Bible


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by G.A. Riplinger 

ISBN: 9780963584519

Demonstrates the precision and power of the KJV. THIS BOOK reports on recent research from Harvard University which concludes that "The Authorized Version {KJV} emerges from comparison with twentieth-century versions as more attractive and more accurate." (p. 135). "Even the secular world can spot a counterfeitor. The publishers of the New King James Bible (NKJV) have been charged with fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission. They are now paying nearly $400,000 in fines (p. 127).This book helps you discover the KJV's built-in dictionary. 
It also proves that, unlike new versions, the vocabulary of the KJV is precise, internationally recognizable, and contains powerful sound symbolism to communicate meaning. It reveals the discovery of the world's oldest New Testament fragment which proves that the KJV is correct and the new versions are wrong. 
Also exposed are the corrupt Dead Sea Scrolls and lexicons used to create the TNIV, NIV, ESV, NKJV, HCSB, and NASB. 

Paperback 194 Pages 

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