The Dragon's Egg

The Dragon's Egg

Ed Dunlop Ministries

$ 9.99

by Ed Dunlop

ISBN: 9780978552343

The Dragon's Egg is the fifth book in the Christian fiction series, The Terrestria Chronicles. This is a seven-book series. It is not entirely necessary to read this series in order, but reading it in order will help to eliminate any confusion, and one will more fully enjoy the series in this way. The series' main character is Josiah, and he is prominant in every one of the books, although in book six, The Golden Lamps, he doesn't show up until about halfway through the book. This series is an allegory about the Christian life somewhat similar to John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress in that it starts with Josiah accepting Christ (in this book series, He is always called, Emmanuel) as his savior, and then following Josiah's life to its conclusion in Heaven.

Paperback, 205 pages

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