The Crown of Kuros

The Crown of Kuros

Ed Dunlop Ministries

$ 9.99

by Ed Dunlop

ISBN: 9780978552336

The fourth book in the Terrestria Chronicles.
The young prince stared in astonishment. The tall, slender white figure, so gossamer and transparent that he could still see the rocks and trees behind her, again had silently appeared just beyond the campfire. Her pearl-white gown fluttered gently in the breeze. In her left hand she held a single rose, a deep crimson blossom that glowed with a light all its own. With her right hand she was slowly plucking the petals and dropping them to the ground. "Prince Josiah," she whispered softly, and her voice was the gentle sound of a summer breeze, "I have come to show you the future. Your future. If your heart is open, my prince, what you see tonight will change you forever."

Paperback, 187 pages

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