The Art Teacher's Survival Guide 3rd edition

$ 39.00 USD
  • The Art Teacher's Survival Guide 3rd edition

The Art Teacher's Survival Guide 3rd edition

$ 39.00 USD


isbn 978-1-119-60008-4

Authoritative and practical, this comprehensive guide offers everything a teacher needs to know for conducting an effective art instruction and appreciation program. The Third Edition of The Art Teacher's Survival Guide for Elementary and Middle Schools includes a complete update on public-relations guidelines, and reference material examples. 

The revised edition also features many new projects, an update on current projects and includes an explanation of the hot topic amongst art educators, Teaching Artistic Behavior (TAB/choice).  Choice-based art education is reflected in the authors’ discussion of teaching in mixed-media, ceramics, photography, sculpture, and art history.  

  • More than 100 creative art projects, from drawing to digital media
  • Offers teaching tools, tips, and multicultural curriculum resources
  • Includes new material on logical ways to encourage individual and personal solutions to a problem
  • Gives teachers more latitude as to how individuality is suggested in a lesson

This is an invaluable compendium for art educators and classroom teachers alike.