Teaching Children God's Wonderful Word

Teaching Children God's Wonderful Word


$ 16.00

by ABB Thomas

ISBN: 097793991X

To be effective teachers, one very important happening must be taking place in the classroom—communication. If you are not communicating, you are not teaching. An excellent way, then, to raise the level of learning for your students would be to increase your level of communication. That is the purpose of this book!
Here you will find 200 ideas for teachers. Read only two per week and make note of those that impress you. Set a goal to try at least one new idea each week. That is when your class will become more conducive to learning and you become a more effective teacher!
Use this book to discover more techniques, methods, study habits and word studies to make you the most effective teacher you can be for the glory of God.

Paperback, 200 pages

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