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Staying Inside the Lines of Bible Doctrine

by Pastor Tom Gibson

This book was written with three groups of people in mind.  First, those raised in a home with standards that are now questioning where those standards came from and why they seem to be so important.  Second, this book is for parents who desire to raise children who know the "why" of standards.  Thirdly, this book is written for pastors and educators to use as a tool in helping lead a class or congregation on the subject of standards.

What other pastors had to say about this book:

"No subject has caused more discussions, debates and disagreements than standards!  This book offers insight from the heart of a pastor who understands the challenges that we face as we follow Biblical convictions by having standards to help us hold to those convictions!  I gladly encourage you to read Pastor Tom Gibson's book!"

-Ken Graham, Pastor of Victory Baptist Church, Benton, AR

"There are few subjects that are more sensitive and potentially divisive than the one Pastor Gibson has tackled in this book.  Like a number of topics, one's position on standards can land them in a ditch on either side of the road.  This book gives a perspective on doctrine, standards, and preferences that is understandable, and I believe it can help those who are willing to be helped.  I can honestly say it has helped me."

-Thomas Smith, Pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, St. Clair, MO

"The subject of standards is never an easy topic to get people to understand, especially in trying to teach the next generation.  It seems there is a constant struggle; and for many there are more questions than answers.  Bro. Tom Gibson has done a tremendous job in setting the premise that standards are to be established in order to help protect doctrine.  His zeal to pass along solid Bible truths coupled with his personal experience in dealing with the subject makes this book an extremely helpful resource."

-Dr. Jeremy R Taylor, Pastor of Bible Baptist Church, Duncan, OK

Paperback, 115 pages

Customer Reviews

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Carla Belisle

The book Standards has laid a great foundation of insight and instruction concerning the difference between a doctrine, standard, and preference.
This knowledge is applicable in all areas of life from the spiritual to government/politics, running a business, education/teaching, etc. Praise the Lord for giving Bro. Gibson not only the discernment to write this book, but also the simplistic and understandable way in which it is communicated.
This book would be great as a Bible study, Sunday School lesson series, or in discipleship. It can also be a great help in the healing process for those who have come from rule/standard led churches rather than a doctrine led churches.
It can be given to those who have dropped out of church completely who were in rule/standard based churches no matter the denomination.
Standards are necessary, but they are not biblical doctrine. Standards change; biblical doctrine does not.

Kaleb McMillan
Insightful and helpful!

Pastor Gibson did a wonderful job presenting the concept of a standard and differentiating it with doctrine, while explaining the necessity of both. I appreciated his insights on standards in past days compared to now, demonstrating that the standard is not the final authority that we hold to, but the doctrine behind it is. This book is a good read, really simple, and very helpful. I’m glad I was able to read it, and I have no problem with making it an annual read.

Anabella porrath
Standard character of the Christhian Person!!

Pastor Gibson explains in detail how to form responsibilities in new generations, where the millenius there is a lot of confusion about the standard of living within Christianity. It is based on biblical advice and above all the concepts where and how to apply them within our new generations. God keep you and continue to use Pastor Gibson to glorify the name of our Savior and Lord!

Jeanette Trull
Standards by Tom Gibson

I really appreciated the kind and simple approach to having Biblical standards in this world of “Everything is about my happiness, not God’s glory” of today. And our spirit of non judgement and love of ones who “oppose themselves” is important, but living what we profess is too! It was kind and thoughtful in it’s presentation and covered some of the erroneous views of legalistic demands of some. I bought a case of the STANDARDS book and gave one to all my teen grands. I highly recommend it! Thank you for taking time and thought to write this book.

Robert bleak
This book is very practical and helpful

I would recommend this book to all who are struggling with the area of standards
Or want to understand it from a biblical perspective. Very helpful and easy to read