Son of God: Volume 1

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  • Son of God: Volume 1

Son of God: Volume 1

$ 15.00 USD


Son of God: Volume 1 (John Chapters 1-10)

From the Plowing the Ground Commentary Series

Author Sam Davison

The Gospel of John presents Jesus as the Son of God, majoring upon the deity of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. John wanted us to know that Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah of Israel. Yes, He is a man, but He is more than a man. He is the God-Man. Believing this brings spiritual life. This life implies more than an intellectual believing and it takes more than intellectual convincing. It is not enough to simply believe in a historical Jesus—though you must. There must be a surrender, by choice, to His Messiahship. Until you submit your heart and your soul to what your mind believes, it is not true belief unto eternal life; it is only an intellectual exercise.

We have, by believing in Jesus, entered a life that has no antithesis: eternal life. What was the purpose of John’s gospel? John wrote to convince each of us to enter into eternal life through the Son of God.

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220 pages