Serving God Behind Enemy Lines

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  • Serving God Behind Enemy Lines

Serving God Behind Enemy Lines

$ 24.99 USD


Author: Ron Reasoner

Follow the life of Ron Reasoner from his mischievous childhood to his marvelous salvation, and onward to Post-Soviet Russia, where he was led by God to take his family with five small children to serve as a missionary for 25 years.

Experience his life in Moscow then hop on the Trans-Siberian Railroad to faraway places where Ron is arrested by the KGB, stumbles onto a nuclear radiated mountain, gets lost and ends up on the wrong continent, cruises around the Arctic Circle in a Russian army tank, is held captive in a secret military base, and hikes through the Polar Ural Mountains in a blizzard. Is this the ordinary life of a missionary or is Satan trying to hinder the mission to preach the Gospel?

Join Ron as he searches for the nomadic Reindeer People in the forgotten reaches of Siberia or preaches to the Camel People in the harsh desert of Kalmykia. Marvel in disbelief at the impossible situations and stand in awe at the way God answers prayer. One moment you will be on the edge of your seat, the next, praising God for His deliverance.

484 pages

Customer Reviews

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Enjoyed reading this book for sure!

This is a narrative autobiography, so while it gives a lot of information it is presented in a very enjoyable easy-read style. Definitely a challenge in the area of missions, faith, witnessing and following God's leading. It also covers a long enough period of time that the reader is brought into the blessings that only a lifetime of service to God can bring.

Really enjoyable read

Br. Ron paints a beautiful picture of a man with a burden for those who know little or nothing about The Saviour. The lengths to which he and his family went to deliver the gospel make for a really fun read, yet one that will leave the reader asking him/herself, “Am I doing enough to tell folks what they desperately need to know?” Just a tremendous story from start to finish. I hated to come to the final page. You’ll not regret taking the time to read a truly fine story about a good man and his family.

James Elstad
Finding the Lord's direction for your life

If ever there was a book that described how to find the direction the Lord wants you to follow, this is it.

Each chapter ends with questions to help delve into your faith.

It's exciting to see, Ron as a young boy, searching for the truth. He gives you hints that lessons he learned as a child were used when he was being tested beyond anything he ever imagined.

This book is a real portrayal of a life of faith; and demonstrates how anyone can find the Lord's will.

I don't recall any chapter that didn't drive me to thinking about how the Lord was going to get him out of the situation.

It's a hard book to put down. Don't let its size keep you from jumping on an exciting roller coaster ride through what the Lord can do if we submit to his Lordship.

A wonderful, personal, impactful story!

I’ve known Bro. Reasoner for many years and have heard bits and pieces of some of his stories. He is a great story teller! But being able to read his entire journey is fascinating. He shares his personal struggles and victories. It’s hard to put his book down. I keep sharing parts with my family and am encouraging friends to read it. For one, it’s compelling to read about someone’s life journey, but when that journey includes an incredible life calling to go to communist Russia, it’s even more captivating. He gives all the glory to God for the miracles he sees and for the strength needed to give the Gospel to so many spiritually hungry people. You’ll be blessed and thankful you read this book!

Sharron Gookin
Inspiring & convicting

I so enjoyed reading this book. The details of Ron’s upbringing and his desire to walk by faith is incredibly inspiring.
Following the Lord’s leading for his family and reaching lost souls in Russia really takes away any of my own excuses to serve wholeheartedly.
I’m thrilled to have my own copy and even more excited to lead others to read this book for themselves.