Serving As Senders Today

Serving As Senders Today


$ 7.00 USD

By Neal Pirolo

ISBN: 9781880185247

In the twenty years of Serving As Senders sharing the principles of member care on a personal/relational level, all reports indicate that hundreds of thousands of missionaries and caregivers have benefitted. With that book in twenty languages, the message of member care has circled the globe!

Serving As Senders: Today has clarified and enhanced the basic principles. Exciting stories of how to apply the principles to local situations have been added.

Paul, the Apostle, a missionary of the First Century, wrote a Letter to those who were faithfully supporting him. He called them "Partners in the Gospel." This book will teach you how you can become a partner with your missionary friends while they are preparing to go, while they are on the field and when they return home. You will be amazed at how active you can be in missions. Serving As Senders: Today is formatted for group study. The individual assignments and a Group Study Guide are incorporated into the book

paperback, 240 pgs

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