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Schizophrenic: A Diagnosis of the Independent Baptist Movement

by Tom Brennan

The independent Baptist movement needs a controlled burn. There are problems that have been building up like dry tinder. If we never address these problems in a controlled-burn fashion, they will eventually hurt more people than we can imagine. I believe this book will help ignite a flame that has the potential to protect our churches from a great deal of damage. Christians have grown frustrated with the arrogance and sin that has marked many of our churches for decades. As a result, they are either leaving their independent Baptist churches or trying to redefine what a fundamental, independent Baptist is. I have felt that frustration. Too much has been sacrificed by men and women of previous generations to simply abandon our heritage. Yet, so many problems have been ignored for so long that sometimes it appears there isn’t much left to save.

I believe this book will encourage you otherwise…
— Dave Reyes, New Heights Baptist Church, 
Albuquerque, New Mexico

The deeply rooted love that Tom Brennan has for his independent Baptist heritage is clearly seen in his new book. He takes us on an introspective journey so that we may examine who we truly are. He’s done his homework from a scriptural as well as a historical standpoint. He’s also knowingly embarked on a journey that could very easily put him in the crosshairs of criticism for his brutal honesty and opinion; I applaud his courage in that regard. Amidst the simultaneous throwing the baby out with the bathwater on one side and an ostrich with his head in the sand on the other side, it’s refreshing to see that someone has tackled the issues at hand in a loving, caring, and helpful way. This book will help your life and ministry.
— Justin Soto, River City Baptist Church,
Sacramento, California

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