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Revival Today

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Revival Today
365 Challenging Devotions from Revival History

by John Goetsch and Nathan Birt

Revival today—do you believe it could happen? Or do you believe that revival was only for yesterday? Have times changed and society worsened so that a reviving of God’s people is no longer probable…or even possible? When we hear of the great revivals of yesteryear, we tend to forget that they were all preceded by great spiritual darkness. After all, God doesn’t send revival to those who don’t need it! 

Each devotion in this book is written to encourage you that revival is still possible today. Each daily reading describes an event or individual from the past that God has used to bring revival. It is an on-this-day book, with most readings featuring a historic event that took place on the same day you will read it, some years prior. Read them and be reminded that the same God who worked in the past continues to work today. 

Contents include:

  • Scripture Memory Tips
  • How to Lead a Person to Christ
  • Verses Remembered by Effective Christians
  • The Effective Christian’s Daily Bible Reading
  • One-Year Bible Reading Schedule
  • 90-Day Bible Reading Schedule
  • Daily Devotions
  • Scripture Index


ISBN: 9781598943702

(424 pages, hardback)