Preaching with Integrity

Preaching with Integrity


$ 11.99

by Kenton C Anderson
ISBN: 9780825420214
Foreword by Craig Brian Larson

Using a compelling narrative format, this book offers fresh thinking about how God entrusts the communication of His Word to flawed people. Preaching with Integrity follows the continuing story of Jack Newman begun in Preaching with Conviction. Jack is a pastor who learns that, despite his flaws and despite his failings, God graciously uses him to help people hear from God. The book expands the integrative homiletic model introduced in Preaching with Conviction, helping the preacher discover the message, construct the sermon, internalize the content, and deliver God’s Word. The narrative section of the book is followed by two substantive appendixes—’’Clinic in Integrative Preaching’’ and ’’Only Human: Toward a Homiletic Anthropology.’’

Paperback, 144 pages

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