Parenting With Wisdom

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  • Parenting With Wisdom

Parenting With Wisdom

$ 19.00 USD


Author Debi Pryde

Is there really a secret ingredient to parenting? Debi answers this question and addresses other key issues such as loving and understanding your children, disciplining and motivating your children, preventing and dealing with rebellious children, and much more. Parenting with Wisdom, the third book in an three-part study based on Titus 2:4-8, encourages parents to uncover our heavenly Father’s parenting methods—His love, understanding, disciplining, motivating, and teaching of His own children.

278 pages, spiral bound

Table of Contents
Lesson 1: What Makes Christian Parenting Different
Lesson 2: The Successful Christian Parent’s Secret Ingredient
Lesson 3: How to Really Love Your Child
Lesson 4: Understanding Your Child’s Unique Personality
Lesson 5: Getting through the Bumpy Stages
Lesson 6: Discipline That Works—Part One
Lesson 7: Discipline That Works—Part Two
Lesson 8: Motivating Children to Do What They Don’t Want to Do
Lesson 9: Preventing and Dealing with Rebellion
Lesson 10: Teaching Precept upon Precept
Lesson 11: Your Child’s Future: Disaster or Delight?
Lesson 12: Resolving Children’s Problems
Memory Verse Cards

(formerly published as Precept Upon Precept)