Old Testament Bible History

Old Testament Bible History

Missionary Outpost

$ 24.00

by H. Richard Hester

ISBN: 9780646507965

Old Testament Bible History Guidebook IllustratedThis beautiful hardback book of 316 large-size pages has many illustrative pictures for easy reading. Besides serving as the textbook for Old Testament survey courses in colleges, the Guidebook is the textbook for the new integrated 
course with the Workbook and DVD Library.The Guidebook has some new features not usually found in a survey book including the following:Under the Glass section for each Bible book with meanings of names and selected words Wrap-up section for each book that has received some good comments. It helps the student tie the different strands of the book into something meaningful which can be accessed.Finding Christ is a helpful and very important section for each Bible book.A Slice of the Life series of seven articles gives a cultural background to different aspects of Israel's history

Hardcover, 316 pages

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