New Testament Bible History

New Testament Bible History

Missionary Outpost

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by H. Richard Hester


The New Testament Bible History Handbook is a 336 large page hardback book that could be a helpful resource book for any Christian who loves to study God's Word. The beautifully-designed cover tells the story of the basis of Christianity, the spread of Christianity, the difficulties 
encountered during its spread and the writing of the New Testament during that process.This Handbook is first of all a stand-alone resource book that will be very helpful for many. When I prepare a lesson or sermon from a book of the Bible, I like to gather together some basic background information to get into the first-century mood of things. Historical background is very important; cultural background sets some limits on the subject, and some basic word studies will put me in the know to better understand the passage under consideration.

Hardcover, 336 pages

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