Modesty, The Missing Gem

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  • Modesty, The Missing Gem
Modesty, The Missing Gem Modesty, The Missing Gem Modesty, The Missing Gem Modesty, The Missing Gem

Modesty, The Missing Gem

$ 15.00 USD



Have you ever lost a diamond or another valuable gemstone? No doubt you desperately searched in hopes of finding that missing gem.

A “gem” even more valuable than the largest diamond in the world is often ignored or forgotten. This gem called 
modesty gives a woman an inner beauty to which the most expensive diamond cannot begin to compare.

Modesty, The Missing Gem embraces God’s definition of genuine beauty by focusing on the real issue––the heart. Each lesson teaches spiritual truths to achieve the following objectives:

  • Expose the tactics of gem cutters
  • Establish a gemstone’s purity
  • Discard jagged, wounding gems
  • Reject all imitation gemstones
  • Identify the authentic gem

Would you like to possess beauty that pleases the Lord? Journey through these pages and discover the secret to having the gem of modesty in your life.

Customer Reviews

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Brian Norman
Fantastic book that will make you think about modesty

Mrs. D. Zimmerman has hit a critical nerve. Although everyone may not agree with her conclusions, they will agree that what she writes about is true and important. "Modesty" is one of those nerves that everyone has to consider, whether men or women, young or old, pastor or layman, this topic must be considered and greatly evaluated by all for our Christian walk. I am thankful that she has written this book and I trust that we will all ponder the importance of this essential topic.

Gwen Paul
Modesty The Missing Gem

I enjoyed reading the book, Modesty the Missing Gem, by Dorothy Zimmerman. It is an informative and helpful Bible study, which uses historical as well as biblical references. I think the book would be useful for young and old because it is never to early to get into God's word and we are never too old to be reminded to stay in God's word so that we can be changed by it.

Phyllis Monroe
A Book for Every Age

'-This is an enjoyable read about a controversial subject.
-God's view of purity is reinforced in every chapter.
-The book is beautifully formatted with a straight-forward flow.
-It could be a great mother-daughter study.
-It would make a great gift for preteens as well as mature adults.


Rob and Lynda Tart
The greatest study on understanding what beauty actually is. Beauty is not in the eye of the beh...

Parents and pastors will want this book as a tool to teach. Beauty is defined by God and expressed in the Bible. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. Dorothy Zimmerman does a great job of studying this subject. She explains the concepts of sensuality, attitude, and the beauty of modesty; biblically. This book is a great asset to any pastor who wants to teach his flock on the subject of modesty. This book is also a help to parents; to help them prepare how to speak to their children about issues that can quickly create conflict. Any parent who reads this book will be better prepared to explain God’s mind about modesty, and avoid the irrelevant statement of “Because I said so.” Every parent needs to read this book, rather you are the parent of girls or boys. Parents of boys need to read this book in order to explain to their sons what a beautiful woman looks like, and not trust the culture to teach young men what to look for in a wife. We highly recommend this book.

Rev. D. Robert Tart and Lynda Tart
Parents of four girls and two boys, and former pastor,

Chuck Perkins
Great Resource Tool For Pastors & Churches

If you are looking for a book to teach young women about Biblical modesty, look no further. I love how Sister Zimmerman gives opportunity for the reader to interact with her lessons. It is a thorough and Biblical approach to a very sensitive topic. For the pastor or SS teacher this would be a great book to use with a young girls or teen girls class. Ok