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Know That You Know

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Know that You Know
What 1 John Tells Us about Assurance of Salvation
By Paul Schwanke

If we could give a roll call for Christians who struggle with doubts about their salvation, you would be surprised at who would answer. Even stunned. For this is a battle which too many of God’s children face.

Yet, within the pages of the inspired Word of God is a small book, just five chapters long, written by the Apostle John and addressing this very issue. In the epistle of 1 John, the Apostle assures believers that they can be assured. And he carefully teaches them why, how, and on what authority they can silence their doubts.

In Know that You Know, Paul Schwanke leads readers through the truths of 1 John, examining the sources of doubt, the evidences of salvation, the promises of God, and the assurance available to every believer in Christ.

(128 pages, mini paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-59894-293-4