John, Son of God, Commentary

John, Son of God, Commentary


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Rice, John R.

His volume is a commentary on the Book of John. Those familiar with Dr. John R. Rice's style in his other commentaries will know what to expect in this one. He goes through the entire Gospel, first quoting a few verses, then giving comments on them, highlighting various truths. An unforgettably beautiful picture of the Lord is drawn here for God's people. The promises in this fourth Gospel have brought to weary hearts down through the centuries the thrilling delight of the traveler who, crossing a desert, suddenly comes upon the cool, tranquil comfort of a green-bordered oasis. You will find this volume rich in devotional thought, helpful, true to the Word of God, and with strong evangelistic flavor not found in the average commentary. An unusual feature is that it is graphically and dramatically illustrated throughout, adding to the enjoyment and understanding of the book.

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