Hope is Alive, 2022 (Soundtracks)

$ 2.99 USD
  • Hope is Alive, 2022 (Soundtracks)

Hope is Alive, 2022 (Soundtracks)

$ 2.99 USD


Hope is Alive, 2022 Soundtracks

Available in MP3 Format only.  $2.99 per song.

Soundtracks contain only the instrumentation of each song, no voices.

  1. Last Night – Witness!
  2. Christ the Lord is Risen Today– Assurance Trio and Redeemed Trio
  3. He Left No Stone Unturned– GloryBound Quartet
  4. Hope is Alive– Witness!
  5. I Talked to Him Today – Redeemed Trio
  6. The Lamb – Witness!
  7. Not Even a Stone – GloryBound Quartet
  8. When He Spoke– Assurance Trio
  9. A Risen Savior – GloryBound Quartet
  10. Not Anymore – Witness! 

There is no soundtrack available for the song Alleluia on the album Hope Is Alive because it is A Capella.

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