God's Pursuit of Man

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  • God's Pursuit of Man

God's Pursuit of Man

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Tozer, A. W., "As the heart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God."

The Pursuit of God is an inspirational book that aims to guide those who wish to follow Christ. It includes biblical teachings that emphasize the concept of pursuing God. The concept of seeking God should be evident in the context of obtaining a genuine relationship between the Creator and the creature. Man must consider God as not only a creator , but the one who sustains life; hence, all creatures must depend solely on Him.

The book also discusses that faith is a necessity for spiritual survival. Despite our sinfulness, God has sought us to establish a relationship with Him. He filled our hearts with the desire to follow and serve Him, and to pursue our Creator. Because of God's love, He sent Christ to teach us and redeem us from our sins.

Tozer provided a thorough explanation about God's universal presence, and he stated that God offers His love to all His children. The degree of our fellowship with God relies on us, which is why we cannot say that He is too preoccupied to give us His time. Instead, our Heavenly Father pursues us to be with Him. Yet, only a few respond to God's call to build a solid relationship with our Creator.

The key to genuine happiness is to seek and possess God, instead of attempting to obtain worldly possessions. Those who choose to follow God's path are the ones who are poor in spirit because they have abandoned their pride and selfishness to pursue the Heavenly kingdom. They understand that the secret to attaining peace is by humbling themselves and acknowledging God's power. Furthermore, in order to follow God, we need to end our sinful ways and put our trust on God alone.

When we instill in ourselves a strong faith and belief in God, we will come to know Him deeply. The book teaches us the value of knowing God through our personal experience instead of thinking of Him as an abstract being. With constant communication with God, we will be able to develop a personal relationship with Him. Tozer asserts that God never ceases to speak to use, and we only need to listen and engage in a conversation with our Heavenly Father.

This excellent treatise guides Christians to form a deeper and stronger relationship with God, regardless of their level of spiritual development. The author main goal is to provide insights on how we can establish habits and a lifestyle dedicated unto God. This way, we can reach that point in our life where we can have a richer understanding of God's love for us.

The Pursuit of God teaches us that we should try to be consistent in our goal to follow God. We cannot benefit from having a dual existence. As Christians, we should not divide our lives into the secular and the sacred; rather, we should do our best to life a life dedicated to God's glory. Our goal to conform to Christ's image should be evident in our words, actions and daily life.

Through this book, Tozer shares practical ways that will help us to become closer to God by following His teachings. This inspiring literature can help individuals who hope to discover the path towards God, and attain a peaceful and meaningful life.