Family Portraits

Family Portraits


$ 10.00

by Raymond Barber

ISBN: 0873982843

If there is anything that Satan is out to destroy—it’s the Christian home! Attacks are flung through every venue—public school, television, the internet, outside ‘friends’…you name it! Now, more than ever, we need to guard our families! In Family Portraits, Dr. Raymond Barber examines the families found in Genesis and the lessons we can learn from them to better protect our own homes! Read his interesting perspectives on these well-known Bible characters: Adam—the family that made a deal with the devil. Noah—the family that found grace. Abraham—the family that blessed the world. Lot—the family that backslid. Isaac—the marriage made in Heaven. Jacob—the family who came back to God. Joseph—a family shakeup, breakup and makeup. Be awakened and challenged as you enjoy this profound study on the Christian home!

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