Enter His Presence

Enter His Presence


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by Dr. Paul Chappell

Can you really comprehend a God that invites you to enter His presence at any moment? A God who longs to hear from you and waits to meet with you? A God who is genuinely interested in the things that interest you? This is the God of the Bible.

To many Christians, prayer is very unnatural and even uncomfortable. To even more, prayer seems fruitless and God seems far away. Yet, the God of the Bible is a personal God who actually delights in answering your prayers.

God went to great detail in His Word to give us an open door into the throne-room of the universe; and He desires to meet with you, to talk with you, to answer you, and to be a part of your life.

As you open this book, you will find a delightful journey that will help you understand how to approach God. Every chapter unlocks biblical truth that will help you understand the nature of God, the relationship He wants to have with you, and the joy that you will experience when you begin entering His presence. 

176 pages, hardcover

ISBN: 0-87398-218-5

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