Cry Aloud, Spare Not

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  • Cry Aloud, Spare Not

Cry Aloud, Spare Not

$ 35.00 USD


The Story of W. E. Dowell: 1914-2002

by Stephen E. Dowell

Softcover.   464 pages
He was Jerry Falwell's first ministry mentor.He became a leader in the largest organization of independent Baptists in the world.His preaching ministry took him to six continents.And he left behind a legacy of churches, colleges--and multiplied thousands of faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Cry Aloud, Spare Not: The Story of W. E. Dowell explores the life of an extraordinary leader, from his humble Texas roots, to his first ministry experiences during the depths of The Great Depression, to his work as a broadcaster and early televangelist, to his leadership of the largest church in the State of Missouri.

This book also examines Dowell's relationship with the controversial and enigmatic Texas preacher, J. Frank Norris. Norris was the original independent Baptist and the pastor of the nation's first mega-church, but he had a dark side, one that Dowell ultimately witnessed firsthand. Dowell's decision to oppose and break with Norris demonstrated Dowell's character and courage as an authentic servant-leader.

Dowell was fearless in the controversial stands he took on the moral and political issues of his day. With these, he helped to pave the way for the eventual formation of movements such as the Moral Majority, as well as the rise of the religious right in America.

This story is brought to life by Dowell's own grandson, Stephen E. Dowell. It is saturated with details gleaned from personal interviews, recordings, and letters. Though an exhaustive and thoroughly researched study, this is no "dry-as-dust" biography. It is filled with captivating dialogue and vivid descriptions that will capture the reader's imagination and reveal a man of God who, like the Apostle Paul, "fought a good fight" and "finished [his] course."Cry Aloud, Spare Not: The Story of W. E. Dowell is sure to inspire.