Counseling Guides (Adult, set of 17)

$ 59.50 USD
  • Counseling Guides (Adult, set of 17)

Counseling Guides (Adult, set of 17)

$ 59.50 USD


The overall purpose of these counseling guide booklets is to provide a Biblical counseling tool to assist those within the body of the local New Testament Baptist Church under the oversight of the pastor of the local church. It is our intent that the pastor will be involved in all counseling within that local church body. The counseling guide booklets were designed as homework for the counselee under the guidance of the pastor or counselor, and they may also be useful as a discipleship series.

If you need assistance or clarification, please feel free to contact us, Jamie or Vickie Jett, at Heartland Baptist Bible College, (405) 943-9330, ext. 185.

Sets include the following guides:

  1. Anger and the Christian
  2. Battle for the Mind
  3. Commitment
  4. Cutting the Cords
  5. Overcoming Fear
  6. Outside the Camp
  7. From Darkness to Light
  8. Forgiveness vs. Bitterness
  9. Eating Disorders
  10. Overcoming the Snakebite of Discouragement
  11. Pride vs. Humility
  12. The Secret Behind the Door
  13. Self Injury
  14. Sense of Worth
  15. The Stress Connection
  16. Troubling Thoughts for Ladies
  17. Walking Through