Church Planting (Vol. 1 & 2)

$ 20.00 USD
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Church Planting (Vol. 1 & 2)

$ 20.00 USD


A Sourcebook from Experience.

Two Volumes

"For the young man or even the seasoned pastor who is contemplating church planting this book is a must read. The wealth of knowledge and practical wisdom are definitely God sent to those in this generation."
-Kevin Folger
 Pastor, Cleveland Baptist Church; Cleveland, Ohio
 Moderator, Global Independent Baptist Fellowship

"I have read through the material for the book on Church Planting, and it meets a definite need. Any young man interested in Church Planting must read this book."
-Dr. Ron Comfort
 President, Ambassador Baptist College; Lattimore, North Carolina

"I greatly appreciate the encouraging heart and practical philosophy of this book. Church planting is the need of this hour for Independent Fundamental Baptists. The chapter on longevity alone, is worth the purchase of this book."
-Paul Chappell
 Pastor, Lancaster Baptist Church; Lancaster, California
 President, West Coast Baptist College; Lancaster, California

"I believe this timely, practical book will greatly benefit the mother church, the church planter and any who are involved in church planting in America."
-Jeff Copes
 Executive Vice President, Heartland Baptist Bible College

Forward by Sam Davison
Introduction by Dave Brown

Compiled and Edited by: Tracey Jones and Dan Lydick