Blessed Promises from Scripture

$ 4.95 USD
  • Blessed Promises from Scripture

Blessed Promises from Scripture

$ 4.95 USD


by Larry & Donna Stallings

God's Word will answer your questions and help solve your problems.  Put your faith in the reality and truth of the Bible.  It will never fail or disappoint you.  This small book is a compilation of Scripture arranged in these sections:

  • Help from the Bible...
    • When you are angry
    • With coveteousness
    • For depression
    • For direction in life
    • In disappointments
    • With domestic problems
    • With evil thoughts
    • When experiencing fear
    • In financial difficulties
    • For impatience
    • When given to jealousy
    • During the loss of loved ones
    • With moral weakness
    • With injured pride
    • During personal sorrow
    • During times of temptation
    • In time of trouble
    • When you need wisdom
  • What the Bible Says About...
    • The Bible
    • The Blood
    • Business Matters
    • Death
    • And Many More
  • The Bible Is...
  • Blessings Promised to Believers...
  • The Believer Is...
  • God's Great Commission
  • God's Great Salvation
  • Conclusion
  • Where to Turn in Your Bible

198 pages