Be Counted (Numbers)

Be Counted (Numbers)


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Wiersbe, Warren W.

Isn't it time you stopped wandering and started conquering?

Life is too short to wander around and miss out on the special inheritance God has for you right now. Stop wasting time and energy "doing your own thing." Get into the will of God and be counted! If you've been saying, "Count me out!" then the time has come for you to start saying, "Count me in--right now!"

God is looking for people He can count on, people who will:

Trust Him for daily guidance and provision Learn the meaning of His love and discipline Fight the battles of life by faith--and conquer Live for the future and not keep yearning for the past

In the Book of Numbers, God tells us how to use the freedom Jesus purchased for us on the cross. He describes the kind of people who can be counted on to believe His promises, accomplish His purposes, and claim the inheritance He's assigned to them.

Don't be a wanderer who goes through life never reaching your inheritance. Be Counted and trust Christ to lead you into God's very best blessings.

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