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Basic Bible Truths, 6th Printing


$ 15.00

by Dr. Lester Hutson

Basic Bible Truths is an instruction manual designed to equip those who wish to bring people to Christ. This book contains six systematic Bible lessons along with detailed information about how to teach them. These lessons are to be taught one-on-one in private settings. The course (one hour each week for six weeks) begins by establishing the authority of Scripture then moves to salvation by grace alone. The third lesson presents the person and work of Christ and proves Him to be the only hope of sinners. Lesson four brings the sinner to the bar and shows him exactly what trusting Christ is. Lessons five and six then deal with the walk that should follow salvation. Relationship is contrasted with fellowship and the motive for serving Christ is established. Baptism, church membership, worship and service are then explained. The chart that is to be developed as these lessons are taught is included and explained in this teacher¿s manual. Two chapters of teaching tips and cautions as well as training information are also included. Serious soul-winners in many parts of the world have found Basic Bible Truths effective. Pastors and missionaries have found it to be a powerful resource. Presenting this course takes time but the result is most often genuine professions of faith. Basic Bible Truths is a versatile soul-winning tool. This teacher's manual is full of teaching helps. By studying it carefully one should be able to use this method to bring people to Christ without further instruction.


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