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Baptist Heroes Of The Faith Volume 3

Ted Alexander

$ 4.50 USD

by Evangelist Ted Alexander, D.D.

The Baptist Heroes of the Faith series is designed to meet a great need in our generation. For too long, Baptists have been pressured to accept the Protestant/ Fundamentalist heroes as the only men worthy of remembrance. But as one studies history carefully, one quickly discovers that the Baptist faith has produced many of the greatest men and women that ever lived. Our Baptist forefathers were men of renown! They were men of conviction, bravery, holiness, sacrifice, and godliness! This series is presented as an attempt to bring to light men and women, who for many years have been almost completely ignored. It has long been the desire of the author to produce a series of booklets that will help reset some long forgotten stones of remembrance! Enjoy these brief biographies; and, by all means, share them with your children.

Paperback, 21 pages

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