An Essential Guide to Public Speaking, 2ed

$ 27.00 USD
  • An Essential Guide to Public Speaking, 2ed

An Essential Guide to Public Speaking, 2ed

$ 27.00 USD


Communication expert and popular speaker Quentin Schultze offers a practical, accessible, and inspiring guide to public speaking, showing readers how to serve their audiences with faith, skill, and virtue. This thoroughly rewritten and expanded four-color edition has been tested and revised with input from Christian undergraduates and contains new chapters on timely topics, such as speaking for video, conducting group presentations, and engaging society civilly. A complete public speaking textbook for Christian universities, it includes helpful sidebars, tips, and appendixes. Additional resources for students and professors are available through Textbook eSources.

Foreword by Martin J. Medhurst
1. Speak to Serve
2. Plan Neighbor-Serving Speeches
3. Conquer Speaking Fears
4. Compose an Outline
5. Speak Extemporaneously
6. Anticipate Challenges and Opportunities
7. Think Biblically
8. Research the Topic and Audience
9. Find and Evaluate Online Sources
10. Be Trustworthy (Ethos 1)
11. Be Virtuous (Ethos 2)
12. Convey Ideas Passionately
13. Speak to Inform Dramatically
14. Tell Stories (Mythos)
15. Speak to Persuade Logically (Logos)
16. Speak to Persuade Emotionally (Pathos)
17. Share Special Moments
18. Advocate for All Neighbors by Amy King
19. Present in Groups by Heidi Petak
20. Stage with Technology
21. Speak through Video by Kathleen Sindorf
Afterword by Clifford G. Christians
Appendix A: Checklist for Preparing a Speech
Appendix B: Plan Speeches with the Holy Spirit
Appendix C: Form for Evaluating Speeches
Appendix D: Speak from a Manuscript: Lessons from an Executive Speechwriter by Karl Payton