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A Case for Bible College


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By Ryan Rench

ISBN: 1493757512

Ever considered Bible college? Whether you have or you have not, A Case For Bible College is just for you. You might wonder, “What’s the big deal about Bible College, anyway? What’s the point?” Or, you might already be planning to go but you want to know more about how to prepare. Either way, this book will help you. PART ONE is all about building a case for why many churches encourage high school graduates to attend at least one year of Bible College. Part One details many of the benefits, considers a few objections and discusses several biblical principles on choosing a Bible College. Part One is written primarily to parents and those who are not yet convinced of the need for Bible College. PART TWO is written to the prospective student and is meant to help prepare him or her for the distinct new culture of Bible College. Part Two helps the student navigate many of the changes that will take place in the first year of Bible College: spiritual, academic and social, to name a few. The BONUS CHAPTER at the end is written specifically to those students who have chosen to attend Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City. This chapter provides a quick look at a few Heartland-specific topics that will not apply to other Bible Colleges.

paperback, 188 pgs

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