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101 Tips For Teaching


$ 12.00

by Mark Rasmussen 

ISBN: 9781598940312

Written to teachers, parents, pastors, and anyone who imparts truth to others this insightful gift-size book is a treasure of to-the-point, practical advice from one of America's leading Christian educators! Every page shares an idea that you can put into practice today in your home, in your classroom, and in your ministry! 

Every servant of God who has a passion to become a better teacher will find the pages of this book unique, encouraging, and helpful. This 'teacher's toolbox' is also perfect for group study or as a gift to an educator. 

In the pages of this book, Dr. Mark Rasmussen draws on over twenty-five years of teaching experience on many levels. He has taught thousands of students who are now teaching others around the world! These tips are not theory or untested philosophy they are golden nuggets of wisdom drawn out of decades of personal and fruitful work in the 'trenches' of Christian education.

Hardcover, 224 pages


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